Do you think you do retail in the most optimized way?

Grow your business with hustle-free analytics. Affordable, quick, without complexity.

How it works

Real-time added value for the retail
Cloud Analytics helps you better understand your business. It seamlessly connects to your existing point-of-sale data, no matter what it is. The solution provides you with insightful retail analysis real-time with no infrastructure complexity and need for additional IT staff.

Now you can

Control your Demand forecasting and supply chain management
Create customers and market profile in order to launch better targeted offers.
Align your merchandise, based on your customers' behavior.

Why our solution

It's Easy
Easy to start working with. Affordable and flexible model. Pre-defined retail specific reports and analysis.
It's Simple
Simple learning curve. Minimum involvement of management on operations.
It's Automated
No need for IT staff or hardware. Automated handling of your input data.

The implementation process

(It ususally takes from 3-5 days up to 5 weeks, depending on the complexity)

Pre-Staging 1 Discovery of transactional reference data sources
Data onboarding and quality check 2 Setup, verification, check and interpret data.
User Acceptance 3 Your data, made sense of.
Going Live 4 Start doing retail in the right way.

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